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Daily BabyScope Astrology

Aries astrology
Aries(21/Mar - 20/Apr )

Why do potatoes make good detectives? Because they keep their eyes peeled! Earth Day provides the perfect excuse to help your little tyke become more aware of nature and healthy living. Plan a trip to the garden or park.

Taurus astrology
Taurus(21/Apr - 20/May )

What do you call two just-married spiders? Newly webs! Today's trends mean it's likely that you and our other half will enjoy some sort of renewed interest in romance. If not a date night, than at least a few stolen moments are in order.

Gemini astrology
Gemini(21/May - 20/Jun )

What sort of cookies do birds prefer? Chocolate chirp! Today, your little birdie's chatter may get on your nerves -- but only if you let it. Get into the spirit of Earth Day and out in nature, and have a perfectly wonderful day together.

Cancer astrology
Cancer(21/Jun - 20/Jul )

Knock, knock. Who's there? Honeydew. Honeydew who? Honeydew you want to have some fun today? This is a good day for you and your baby to go where the spirit moves you. Celebrate Earth Day and get out in nature, if you can.

Leo astrology
Leo(21/Jul - 20/Aug )

What did the bird say to the worm? I'll catch you later! You may not feel like going out today, but for your kiddo's sake will make the effort. Quiet activities out of doors, perhaps to celebrate Earth Day, fill the bill nicely.

Virgo astrology
Virgo(21/Aug - 20/Sep )

What kind of bean never grows in a garden? A jellybean! This is a great day for you and your little tyke to find unexpected ways to have fun. Earth Day might provide the inspiration for some of the dozens of fun ideas up your sleeve.

Libra astrology
Libra(21/Sep - 20/Oct )

How do trees get onto the internet? Easy, they just log on! Don't be surprised if you want to unplug today. Some time with your baby, perhaps indulging in a quiet Earth Day activity, will be just the thing to help you reclaim your energy.

Scorpio astrology
Scorpio(21/Oct - 20/Nov )

What kind of socks do gardeners wear? Garden hose! Today, you'll likely want to put on your glad rags and get out and socialize. Your little one might enjoy taking in a special event or activity to celebrate Earth Day. Enjoy.

Sagittarius astrology
Sagittarius(21/Nov - 20/Dec )

What do you call a stolen yam? A hot potato! Today, a lot of work and other responsibilities will claim your attention. But if you make an extra effort you can steal a few moments to have fun with your kiddo, perhaps to celebrate Earth Day.

Capricorn astrology
Capricorn(21/Dec - 20/Jan )

Why did the worm cross the ruler? To become an inchworm! Because you know how to divide your time, you'll get a lot accomplished today. Which means you'll have lots of time to spare to help your little tyke celebrate Earth Day. Have fun.

Aquarius astrology
Aquarius(21/Jan - 20/Feb )

Raiders of the Lost Binky, charge! Once you get past the surface layer of toys and books and puzzles on the nursery floor, you never know what you'll find. Something your tyke has been looking for a long time most likely.

Pisces astrology
Pisces(21/Feb - 20/Mar )

What did one flower say to the other flower? Move over, bud! Today, you may try to horn in on your tyke's big school or day care Earth Day outing. It might be just the project to suit your mood today. Be spontaneous.

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